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We are open from Tuesday to Saturday by appointment only.
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Advice & Tips 

Paws to Groom Advice and TipsPlease ensure that your dog has had adequate time to relieve themselves before they come into the salon for their groom.

Regular home grooming with the correct brushing and grooming tools will ensure the stylists' can create the style you require for your dog. Please ask for help and advice as to which grooming equipment is necessary to help you achieve this.

We would advise you to join our “Puppy Pamper Scheme” which can be started 1 week after their 2nd vaccination. This is especially important for breeds needing regular grooming every 6-10 weeks as it ensures that they become used to the Salon, the staff and the various noises of the grooming equipment. This also enables our groomers to train your pet how to stand correctly for grooming and they can encourage your pet to relax and enjoy the whole experience.

Please tell the stylist on your free consultation of any specific styling requirements you would like for your pet; they can give you the best advice depending on breed, coat and lifestyle. Please note that dogs presented to the salon in a matted condition will  be “Clipped Off” due to the stress and pain caused to the dog when trying to groom matts out - this will also incur an extra charge as coats in this condition damage our blades and scissors. The reasons for this are to ensure your pet has a pleasant experience at the groomers. We can then edvise you on how to grow the coat back with regular visits to the salon to enable your pet to be properly styled.

As we are a one to one grooming salon, we are unable to accept dogs that are more than 15 minutes late to an appointment. We also ask for 48 hours notice on cancellation of appointments. 

Please note charges may be applied for missed or late appointments (see our Terms & Conditions).